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  Reseller Hosting
  Dedicated Servers
  Server Security Auditing
  Remote Backup
  Web Development
Dedicated Server From $119 / month * Full server management $65 / month *
  APF Firewall Installation(APF) - Secures your server against internal and external attacks, gives options to block unwatned traffic and and prevents DOS  
  Secure /tmp and /var/tmp - Prevent malicious code execution  
  Disable insecure PHP Functions - Prevents many common website exploits  
  Disable telnet and direct root logins - Prevents direct
root login
  Root login email alerts - Alerts when some one logs
to your server
  Brute Force Detection(BDF) - helps prevent and divert brute force attacks  
  Hardening /etc/hosts and /etc/resolv.conf - helps prevent dns spoofing  
  Sysctl.conf hardening and tuning - helps prevent DoS attacks, as well tunes tcp for increases network performance  
  Libsafe Installation - prevents stack overflow attacks  
  Kernel Update with security    
  mod_security apache Installation - Secure apache against common attacks    
  mod_dosevasive - apache DoS protection    
  Daily security scans setup - (chkrootkit and rkhunter)    
  System Integrity Monitor (SIM) - check regularly that all your services are up and running    
  Mask apache, Exim, and named versions    
  Disable unused and insecure services    
  Limit get, fetch, and compiler use    
  Update apache, cPanel, and other system software    
  Linux Socket Monitor - prevent unpriviledged users from opening sockets    
  Inital security audit ( basic security plan )  
  Advanced security Audit ( advanced security plan )  
  Backup Software Upgrades ( OS, kernel, control panel )  
  WHM/cPanel Support Issues  
  Software Performance Optimisation ( apache, mysql )  
  Server Migration  
  Server Backup Restoration  
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