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Dedicated Server From $119 / month * Full server management $65 / month *
Have you ever had an accidental removal of files, such rm *.* or rm filename or from a GUI interface? This could happen at any time! So the backups are becoming very essential. Did you know that the harddrive is just a electronic component and could fail any time with or without any notice! All hard drives eventually fail. Recently all hard drive manufactures are no longer providing 3 year warranties with IDE hard drives and are now only providing 1 year warranty.

By having a remote backup, you will be able to save your valueable data offsite on a storage which can be access 7*24 without any issues. If your business is important to you .. Data Protection is the biggest concern, So here we can help you to design and have your data saved outsite of your server.
  Storage Space* 10GB 50GB 100GB
  Data Transfer Unmetered Unmetered 100GB
  FTP Support Yes Yes Yes
  Rsync Support Yes Yes Yes
  Setup Fee $10 One Time $10 One Time $10 One Time
  Price (monthly) $15/month $50/month $80/month
If you require automated backups set up on your server we will do it free-of-charge only for existing customer, all other will have to pay $35 one time fee., Please Contact Sales if you would like to find out more information.
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